• The system transfers heat from “on-site” steam to a circuit of heat-transfer-fluid that enables the use of any of the DRYAIR accessories for heat distribution.
  • Automatic temperature control allows the user to set the desired supply-fluid temperature. Temperature is maintained by modulating the flow of steam through the exchanger.
  • One unit will provide enough heating capacity to heat up to 50,000 square feet! (dependent on the steam source capacity)
  • Using an existing steam source could prove to be the most versatile and economical approach to delivering temporary heat on a construction site / building renovation.

Steam Requirements

  • For use with low pressure steam (15 psi or less)
  • Steam supply and condensate return pipe connections to unit are 1½” FNPT
  • Condensate trap is an integral part of the unit
  • Must be connected to the site supply by a licensed steam-fitter/pipe-fitter
  • Steam pressure reducing valves not included

Fluid Distribution

  • 2nd circuit – heat transfer fluid circuit
  • 2″ hose and Kamlock connections
  • Reservoir On-board “open-vented” glycol reservoir
  • External connection for an optional external extended reservoir
  • A selector valve is used to select either the on-board reservoir or the external reservoir


  • 2HP, 28SFLA, 13FLA
  • 50 – 75 US GPM



System requirements 230V, 1 Ph, 60Hz, 30A
Control circuitry 24V

Heat Exchanger

Plate Type Copper-brazed stainless steel
Heat Exchange **1000 kBtu/h **with 1,036 lb/h of steam and 50 US GPM of fluid flow


Extended Reservoir package Cart type

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