• Three model version available: Tandem-axle roller with two vibrating drums; combination roller with vibrating front drum with pneumatic rear tires; vibrating front drum with oscillating rear drum
  • Vibration and oscillation can be adjusted in two levels
  • ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) can be folded back for transport
  • Three point articulated pendulum joint offers constant contact for better results, safety and a smoother ride
  • Large drum diameter combined with low machine center of gravity ensure excellent compaction quality.
  • With the completely vibration-insulated driver's cabin, operating the roller is extremely comfortable. The large amount of legroom and the seat that moves forward as well as laterally to the left and right also ensure for a pleasant working situation.
  • The central lifting point that is practically placed in the center ensures easy lifting and quick transport of the roller.



Engine / Motor Manufacturer Kubota D1703
Engine / Motor Type 3-cylinder diesel engine
Tank capacity Fuel US gal 11.1 gal
Tank capacity Fuel l 42
Operating performance ISO 14396 hp 24.8 hp
Operating performance ISO 14396 kW 18.5


Drum diameter in 28.4 in
Drum diameter mm 720
Drum width in 47.3 in
Drum width mm 1,200
Gradeability with vibration % 35
Gradeability without vibration % 40
Tank capacity water l 180
Tank capacity water US gal 47.6 gal
Amplitude in 0.02 in
Amplitude mm 0.52
Axle load front kg 1,335
Axle load front lb 2,943
Axle load rear kg 1,420
Axle load rear lb 3,131
Centrifugal force front Level II kN 32
Centrifugal force front Level I kN 52
Centrifugal force front Level I lbf 11,690
Centrifugal force front Level II lbf 7,194
Drum type front smooth / undivided
Drum type rear smooth / undivided
Frequency Level I Hz 67
Frequency Level II Hz 52
Frequency Level I Vpm 4,020 Vpm
Frequency Level II Vpm 3,120 Vpm
Linear force static (front) lb/in Front: 63.95 lb/in
Linear force static (rear) lb/in 67.4 lb/in
Turning radius inside mm 2,370
Advance travel max. ft/min 656 ft per min
Advance travel max. m/min 200
Linear force - front / rear static lb/in 63.95 / 67.4
Linear force - front / rear static N/mm 11.2 / 11.8
Oscillation force level II kN 23
Oscillation force level II lbf 5,170.6
Oscillation force level I kN 40
Oscillation force level I lbf 8,992.4
Oscillation frequency level I Hz 39
Oscillation frequency level II Hz 30
Tangential amplitude in 0.04 in
Tangential amplitude mm 1.14


L x W x H mm 2,460 x 1,310 x 2,390
L x W x H in 96.9 x 51.6 x 94.1
Operating width mm 1,250
Operating width in 49.3
Ground clearance middle in 11
Ground clearance middle mm 280
Operating weight max. kg 3,470
Operating weight max. lb 7,650
Turning radius inside in 93.3
Curb clearance in 22.5
Curb clearance mm 570
Operating weight with ROPS kg 2,755
Operating weight with ROPS lb 6,074

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