• Pumps feature a top discharge for efficient motor cooling and continuous operation, even when pumping at low water levels.
  • Miniature thermal motor protector prevents overheating and dry run conditions.
  • Multi-directional discharge coupling for vertical and horizontal hose run without kinking.
  • PSG2 500 is ideally suited for low pump applications with minimal solids present. It can pump a reasonable flow sitting on the surface.
  • PSR1 500 is ideal for dewatering of flat concrete, like basement and factory floors. For use where a sump pump cannot be installed and water must be almost completely removed.



Engine / Motor Type 60 Hz Single ~
At Engine RPM rpm 3,255


Operating voltage V 110 V
Discharge capacity US gpm 62.4 gpm
Cable length ft 39.5 ft
Cable Size AWG 16
Diameter Discharge in 2 in
Solids diameter in 0.236 in
Total head ft 39.5 ft
Current Full Load with 110V A With 110V: 6.1 A
Current Start with 110V A With 110V: 12.5 A
Impeller Type Semi-Vortex Urethane Rubber
Operating height Min. Running Water Level in 0.2 in


Operating weight kg 10.5
Operating weight lb 23
L x W x H mm 210 x 210 x 285
Shipping weight kg 13.2
L x W x H in 8.27 x 8.27 x 11.22
Shipping weight lb 29
L x W x H Shipping mm 380 x 247 x 247
L x W x H Shipping in 14.96 x 9.72 x 9.72
Operating height Min. Running Water Level mm 5

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