• With 3,000 ft. of hose and a hydraulic hose system, the E 3000 allows for single person set-up and placement, for greater flexibility on all applications.
  • Positive displacement pump provides maximum flow and consistent heat delivery for thawing and curing. One pump per hose loop means delivery of maximum Btu's per hour.
  • Digital temperature controller with push button adjustment allows operators to easily adjust Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) output temperature for all concrete curing applications.
  • Performance monitoring strobe light indicates from a distance that all systems are operating properly.
  • Several options are available including a 3 kW or 5 kW liquid-cooled diesel generator and lifting bail.



Fuel type Winter Blend Diesel
Fuel consumption Burner US gal/h 2.75 gal per h
Fuel consumption Burner l/h 10.4
Tank capacity Useable Fuel l 840


Heat efficiency % 83
Tank capacity Useable Fuel US gal 222 gal
Capacity Cure (std) ft² 6,000
Capacity Thaw (std) ft² 3,000
Heat transfer fluid Capacity US gal 115 gal
Heating power Gross input BTU/h 385,000 BTU per h
Hose pressure Normal operating psi 110 psi
Operating temperature ° F 180 F
Quantity Circulation loops 2
Quantity Hose reels 2
Temperature monitor Digital
Capacity Cure (w/acc) ft² 18,000 ft2
Capacity Thaw (w/acc) ft² 6,000 ft2
Capacity Air Heat (w/acc) ft³ 525,000 ft3
Capacity Frost (w/acc) ft² 27,000 ft2
Capacity Frost (std) ft² 9,000
Flow velocity per Circulation Loop US gal/h 265 gal per h
Hose Lengths ft 3000 ft
Pump performance per pump US gal/h 265 gal per h
Rated current A 20
Rated voltage V 115
Runtime @ 100% Burner Run Percentage h 81
Runtime @ 75% Burner Run Percentage h 108


Operating weight kg 3,719
Operating weight lb 8,200
L x W x H mm 4597 x 2311 x 2388
Shipping weight kg 2,989
L x W x H in 181 x 91 x 94
Shipping weight lb 6,590
Operating weight With Lift Bail kg 3,719
Operating weight With Lift Bail lb 8,200
Shipping weight With Lift Bail kg 2,989
Shipping weight With Lift Bail lb 6,590

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