• Perfect for remote applications where natural gas or propane fuel sources are not readily available.
  • An 8-light operation system makes system monitoring and troubleshooting a snap.
  • Fluid circulation system is low pressure and atmospherically vented.
  • No special boiler certification is required to operate the system.
  • Quick-connect hose couplers, “no-drain” fluid lines and a “rapid air elimination” feature ensures quick setup-and-go operation.
  • A transport trailer is available and is specifically designed to carry the Dryair 2100-0900 central heating module.
  • Trailer with built-in lock box for enclosing an optional portable generator.
  • Add an optional diesel-powered genset for complete self-contained operation on a non-powered site.
  • Conforms to most special job requirements due to its modular nature.



Fuel type Diesel Fuel #1 or 2 Heating Oil
Output BTU/h 896,000
DG Version Natural Gas or Propane (Tri_Fuel Capable)


HEAT SQ.FT. 27,000
THAW SQ.FT. 15,750
CURE SQ.FT. 36,000

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