• Patented Combustion Environment Control System
    • Preheats the fuel and air used for combustion
    • Allows the unit to start & run even in sub 40 degree conditions
    • No need to adjust the burner for changing weather conditions, burner always receives warm air and fuel for optimum combustion, efficiency and reliability.
      Temperature Control & Fuel usage is automatic
  • An 8 – light operation panel monitors all functions
  • Fluid circulation system is low pressure and atmospherically vented. There is no chance of an explosion or line burst due to pressure build up.

Burner change required for 0600 DG model to switch between different fuels listed below.



Fuel type Diesel, #1 or 2 Heating Oil
Fuel Capacity 130 US GAL./492 L
Output BTU/h 620,200
DG Version Natural Gas or Propane (Tri-Fuel Capable)


HEAT SQ.FT. 19,000
THAW SQ.FT. 11,250
CURE SQ.FT. 25,000

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